Friday, September 7, 2007

Key Position in My Organization

Job Title: Landscape Architect
Education Requirements:

MLA (Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture or related)
Work Experience:

Work experience requirements are flexible; however, what is most important is that the applicant demonstrate analytical and creative problem solving abilities and practical thinking skills. This experience must be demonstrated through a portfolio of prior work experience in the field of landscape architecture or landscape design. The emphasis of our firm is on conservation and the American style of landscape design. However, we also design Japanese Gardens and other styles of landscapes.
Hiring/Report Manager:

Send resume and three portfolio sample photocopies to one of the following:
Maureen Dostert, 2 Lakeland Drive, Durham, NC, 27713
Fax: 919.444.5483
Phone: 919.490.8405

Job Summary:

This position requires the applicant to use tools x, y, z, and a. These tools will be used to demonstrate the initial problem and then show the steps used through to the final solution to address in the proposal. The use of these tools can be demonstrated through the portfolio. This position requires independent and group creative problem solving experience, incorporating the solutions into the drafts, and making the presentation to the customer. The applicant will be required to monitor site activity to confirm that the agreed upon solution is being implemented.
Compensation depends on experience, and is based on the industry standards and includes full benefits. Located in a renovated warehouse with walking trails and upscale eateries nearby. Hours, mostly day hours (9-5); however, flexibility is required and may include a few hours after work or on Saturday or an 8:30 am site visit.
Characteristics Required:

This position requires that the applicant possess analytic skills along with creative problem solving skills along with excellent writing and verbal communication skills. The applicant must be comfortable with a range of decision making styles, such as group consensus to independent decision making. Excellent interpersonal skills are required since the position will involve consultations and communications with a variety of people on a variety of levels. The applicant must be able to work positively with other team members and also independently. The applicant must be motivated and have a desire to creatively solve landscape and design issues in the best possible manner balancing creative processes and practicality. A positive can-do attitude is required along with a sense of humor because life demands it.

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