Sunday, August 26, 2007

Unit One

Date: August 25, 2007

My Organization

My organization is a Landscape Architecture and Design organization. The goal is to provide the most creative solutions to a diverse set of problems ranging from environmental to functional and purely aesthetic. The approach is a holistic approach to environmental design including many seemingly diverse considerations.

The organization approach is more holistic in nature and will follow the foundations of Follett. In addition, we will also use the Systems Analysis approach because of our need to problem solve and identify solutions. Since each project will be different, the policies and procedures will be written to allow room for change. Higher levels policies and procedures and considerations will be implemented for each project. However, there will be various procedures that must be followed. Contracts must be signed. Legal/environmental laws must be followed (no choice here). And all this will be done in the context of a systems approach to projects in a holistic work environment.


This organization addresses landscape design problems and issues from local governments, individual homeowners, developers, and businesses.


This organization has a web presence and a physical presence in an office/design space. The number of employees and contractors varies as the work allows. The employees all participate in most projects to add any ideas that the others may not have thought of and because the expertise of varying disciplines may be needed. However, the actual person managing the project is the one who is best fit to achieve the goals for the client.

The following list of employees may change as business evolves but are currently the employees of this company:

Attorney: Contract, environmental, government regulations

Environmental Engineer:

Landscape Architect: Owner, designer, web developer


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